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Make the 5-in-1 Vaccine and Men B vaccine Seperate

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Routine Vaccines are given to babies at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks. However at the 8 week and 16 week vaccine they give the Men B vaccine along with the 5-in-1 vaccine together, this causes a fever as the 2 vaccines react, parents are advised to give Paracetamol (Calpol) . A paediatrician in Cyprus has advised that in their country they are done separate because of the dangers and side effects. The UK needs to change how these are done. 

In June my daughter Holly had all of her injections done at the same time, she seemed fine for an hour or two after then she went downhill rapidly her temperature shot up to over 39 degrees and in the ambulance we had to stop off for her to go into resus at a nearby doctors as her oxygen levels dropped to 74% and she became unconscious, this was even after the recommended dose of calpol advised. The hospital said later that evening it was because of the vaccines being given together and that they should be given separate. Holly isnt the only baby I know of that has this reaction, luckily Holly recovered after a week or so. 

Please help me change this to save parents as much worry and babies as much harm. The vaccines are brilliant but they just need giving slightly differently. Help me make the change. Please. 

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