Prison Reform: Visitors Rights

I'm signing this petition because I feel that something needs to be done about the harsh way we're being treated when we come to visit our loved ones and also the way our loved ones are being treated. The Department of corrections wants to stop the drugs from being brought into the prisons but some are these changes are not helping. Law abiding citizens should not be punished because others choose to break the rules. Also, those inmates that are just doing their time shouldn't be punished because of those inmates that choose to break the rules. My husband and I have suffered because of guards & investigators lying. These guards and investigators are allowed to do these things and it's wrong. Most of those drugs and cell phones that are making it into the prison are being brought in by the guards, not the inmates family members so if things need to change it should start with them. These men and women who have been found guilty are already doing their time, they shouldn't have to be mistreated by the people that chose to work in a prison. Taking away their loved ones, stopping their visits, taking away their phone privileges only makes them even more bitter and angry. Prison should be more about reform than punishment. Trying to help these men change so when they are realeased they will be less likely to go back to prison. Please help us help our loved ones

Shan Smith, Richmond, VA, United States
5 years ago
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