Tell the Music Industry #WeKnow and it's not OK.

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Tell the Music Industry #WeKnow and it's not OK.

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All we are asking is that you take a moment to read this and evaluate facts. The history of the accused and the accusers. If you would like to help us have a voice, it starts here. If you would like to help us remove abusive misogynists and sexual predators from the music industry, it starts here. Let promoters, venues, managers, and fans know that #WeKnow and it's NOT OK.

Ways you can help:

  1. Visit We Know blog to find your local venue, copy and paste our e-mail message to them. Feel free to add your own words, explanations, and feelings about this.
  2. Tag or @ your local venue via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to voice your concerns on this issue and why they should no longer book harmful musicians and bands.
  3. Post to your own Instagram a photo of your local venue or thoughts on the issue. # the venue to spread the word.
  4. Visit We Know Blog to contact The Orchard and Sony Music.
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            Over the past few months, you have heard our stories (past few years actually if you’ve been paying close attention). We have come forward with our experiences of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse from Jonny Craig. This is not something we have just recently started talking about. This is something we have all been talking about while still presently in a relationship with him – as far back as 2012. We (for the most part) cannot list specifically a finite number of times the abuse occurred. It was ongoing throughout the entirety of our “relationship”s. Something we had to endure to keep him from intentionally “overdosing” or “quitting music” (as his threats would often go).

            When these relationships end, he easily manipulates everyone around him, including any new target that we are all “just crazy”. Jealous and bitter we could no longer be together. Through the passing of time and his own actions, the body count of “crazy girls” is mounting. “Crazy girls” via his word choice, when in reality we are simply abuse survivors seeking answers and closure for our trauma.

            We could go on for pages and detail the accounts of abuse. We have done so on our own social media accounts, for years now. Additionally, Jonny has painted an accurate representation of himself through his own countless social media posts of a misogynistic nature. These can be seen directly in the #WeKnow Instagram 

            Those that know our story more than likely know his. He has done nothing but remain silent on any and all allegations until recently. He has ignored them like the coward he is, hoping they would just go away and he could continue in life with his predatory ways. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. The label that has been by his side upwards of a decade (Artery, recently acquired by Warner) chose to drop Slaves. SiriusXM Octane Channel publicly denounced him and permanently removed any Slaves music from its rotation. His band contains 0 of the original members. They cannot tolerate the adult babysitting and consequences required that comes along with the abusive train wreck that is Jonny Craig. He is now signed with The Orchard (Sony), who must somehow be living under a rock to remain unaware of his egregious transgressions.

He was given a second chance by Warped Tour in 2015 – just to be kicked off for his sexual misconduct toward their merch girl. Their attempted defense to these claims was to have a previous merch girl write a long “heartfelt” letter about how she never felt harmed by that has stake in her career and wouldn’t dare take a mis-step to fall back down the misogynist ladder. Not to mention anyone that has worked with him in the past has signed a non-disclosure agreement (gee, I wonder why). Anyone with a job in the industry…and hoping to keep a job in the industry…has made some muddy moral decisions to do so. Upon being called out in the “town meeting”, he regurgitated up some sob story about how he was just recently broken up with and will “surely relapse” if kicked off tour. His jury of peers saw through the veil of lies and chose to vote and kick him out. It is time the industry follows suit.

            Vying for complete and utter unwarranted pity is his go-to move.

This is the angle he works when he knows he’s just about used up his current target. He can write vague tweets about how he had ex girlfriends that “stayed anyway even though he was on drugs” while clearly failing to leave out how he falls to the ground and threatens to commit suicide any time his abuse target tries to leave. This is only after his physical, mental, and sexual harm no longer fazes them. This is when he realizes they have started to realize they deserve better, a way out. This is the angle he uses on everyone, his dying number of fans included.

             His main talking point is STILL that we are all just “crazy bitter exes” that somehow want to be with him and since he “doesn’t want us” anymore…we all just “want to ruin his career” or “want to be relevant online” etc etc etc. He will often point to how all his past mistakes simply occurred because he was high. This in no way alleviates the culpability for his actions while under the influence. Are we to view drunk drivers as blame free because they wouldn’t ever soberly hit and kill someone?

    He often promises there’s some “new” him surfacing and just needs to be “finally given a chance.” He has been given chances. Countless chances. And proved time and time again what sort of monster lies underneath his exterior.

     He is nobody without the attention, adoration, or financial support from someone else. When left to his own devices he must look himself in the mirror and see who he is. An empty, unlovable soul that relies on his dwindling musician power to break women. With no real world skills or education, he relies on his “career” as a musician to open these doors for him. He wields a power dynamic of “being known” to weasel his way into advantageous situations with UNDERAGED women, women he randomly targets online, or women he has arranged to meet at his show. He may never take full responsibility for the trail of victims that have come forward, but he will stop when he is forced to. When his victims of opportunity are taken away from him. And we need you to help us make that happen.



We have no desired relevance to gain.

We have no jealousy card to play.


Only a monster to slay.




And that monster is him.


It is time to let the industry know: WE KNOW.

And it’s not OK.


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This petition had 1,345 supporters