Tell Sony not to erase Jill Valentine's Asian-American identity!

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In 2020 Sony, Screen Gems, and Netflix have been reported to be working on a new adaptation of Resident Evil. Though the details are scarce, one official piece of information has been verified: that they are looking to cast Jill Valentine as an African American woman. The desire for inclusion is a big subject right now in Hollywood and should be addressed, but there's just one issue: Jill Valentine is already a minority! Canonically she is a French-Japanese American character, created by Shinji Mikami and Isao Ohishi over twenty years ago! Not only was she introduced as a strong, non-objectified female that the player could choose to play on equal footing with her male counterpart, she also represented the ethnicity of the Capcom employees who brought her to life. Jill Valentine deserves to be represented in real life by an actress who can bring her Asian and French heritage to life. Asian Americans are not only underrepresented in film, but they've also had to deal with being outright replaced unless the public made their feelings known. People were upset to see Asians played by non-Asians in movies like Aloha and Ghost in the shell, and nearly saw it happen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hellboy, but the latter two films listened to the fans--and the studios making this new Resident Evil series can too! Please honor Jill Valentine's lineage and cast an actress who can bring her to life accurately!

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