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Stop the emoji movie from being released to the public.

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The fact that this movie is going to exist is a spit in the face towards film buffs and people all over the world. The entire movie's plot is unknown but making a movie based around cancerous "wing dings" knock offs is sickening to many people across the western world. This petition seeks to stop the travesty this movie will cause and end the pain of the animators that are slaving away at a doomed project

If this movie were to be released, It could have the very chance of attempting to make memes into movies. Do you remember the terrible powerpuff girls reboot and the "memes" they put in there? 9-10 year old memes were used and were completely unfunny. Emojis are even less enjoyable in meme culture and are only ever used ironically. 

Please sony, we know you can make good movies. Not cheap cash grabs.

UPDATE: As of a small investigation, I have discovered that a Popeye movie was canned for this tumor. Popeye would be timeless compared to these cheap pieces of crap.

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