Sony: Allow PSN Users To Change Their Username

There are a wide variety of reasons a gamer might want to change their username. Maybe the name they picked when they made their account was childish, reflected personal information, or has just grown tiring. But there are also some gamers who have a much sadder story behind names: many of us are trans, and our usernames reflect a gender identity that is no longer us. It can be very nervewracking to come into an online space and see a deadname or a username reflecting a person who we no longer are, especially because online spaces are often the first and only place we can be our genuine selves. 

This would not be a difficult issue to solve. All other online consoles offer a form of name change. Nintendo allows you to remake your Mii and change your appearance and name for free, and Microsoft allows you to change your gamertag once for free, and additionally at a price. If Playstation implemented either a free or purchased namechange, it would solve this problem instantly.

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