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Sony, allow Minecraft's "Better Together Update" on PlayStation consoles

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At the Electronics Entertainment Expo for 2017 (Also known as E3) during Microsoft's conference, Lydia Winters, the Brand Director for Mojang stepped up and announced the Better Together update, an update focused on unifying the various versions of Minecraft. This can barely be considered an update- It's a completely new version of the game, essentially ported from the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 editions of Minecraft, available for free to owners of the current version of Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

... Except Sony denied the offer, leaving the game to bite the dust on their platform entirely. The 2 versions run on completely different codebases, making updating PS4/Xbox/NS as well as PE/Win10 editions separately a pain- and due to PS4 being the last console to use the classic Console version, it's probable Mojang simply won't update it at all. And if they don't​, we're still missing crucial features every other platform will have- Cross-play, large server networks, custom skins, and the community marketplace. This could cause a loss of interest in the PS4 version of the game, leading to decreased sales of one of the most popular games of this day and age.

People are incredibly split between Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Consoles- should someone be against Xbox and Nintendo consoles, they are completely blocked off from the experience others still get. Or what if someone simply can't afford to buy another 300/400$ (US, probably) console? Perhaps they were a fan of PlayStation in their childhood, so they decided on the PS4, and because of Sony's selfish decisions these people too, are blocked off from getting the proper experience. And you must remember that, that's if they're getting the experience at all! Mojang could choose to simply not update the classic version.

I've never supported Xbox, mainly because the kinds of games you get there I just don't care about. I already have a 500$ (Au$) PS4 Pro, and I'm being stuck with the subpar experience, if not being left behind completely. I mean, I also have a Switch I could get it on... But that's not the point. Sony is making a grave mistake and one that soon, they may not be able to take back. So let's correct this mistake, shall we.

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