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HENkaku one week on: Sony Strikes Back

Jarrah White

Aug 8, 2016 — Well, this seemed to be inevitable. As many of you already know, last week the hacker group Molecule released a Homebrew enabling software called HENkaku, which among other things allowed us to install the whitelist hack on firmware 3.60. Since writing my last blog, I have updated my PSTV to 3.60 and installed the hack. All my blacklisted games worked beautifully, I was able to access the PlayStation Network directly, sync my trophies, do PS4 remote play, you name it.

Well, as we feared Sony has responded to this exploit. Just hours ago they released firmware update 3.61. And according to Twitter user Yifan, it prevents gamers from installing HENkaku.

This update was literally released about four hours ago of my writing this. As such I have not yet been able to determine whether or not Sony has taken down the blacklist with this latest update. I'm not counting on it, so for now it is probably best to stay on 3.60.

If it turns out the old whitelist is still on 3.61, it seems we'll have to go back to using QCMA and Vita Update Blocker to getting our digital content without updating. On 3.60 we are now able to play pretty much all current Vita games, as many required 3.55 to load. But now it seems we'll probably need to be cautious if there is a new game and it requires 3.61. Probably best to have a second PSTV handy for any of those games.

I will keep you posted on this latest firmware update.

UPDATE: Sadly, it seems that firmware 3.61 is still saddled with Sony's official whitelist. Games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush won't load. Best to keep on 3.60 if you value your HENkaku whitelist hack.

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