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Return of Viacom programming to PlayStation Vue or a Reduction in Pricing and Explanation

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As a concerned subscriber, I speak for many of the Vue-ers when I express anger towards the lost of the Viacom channels into which many of us watch or depend on for our children to watch for the sake of their pleasure. This was an unpopular and very disrespectful act given with no notification or even an email to the majority of us who watch your streaming service. I as one of the original vuers am highly upset and very much angry to the fact that you pride yourself on being the service that is telling us to cut the cord and try something new in your programming, but as some of us have decided to do that, you choose to remove the programming that a lot of us depend on as a wind down to our very stressful days. You then add 3 channels including 1 that when the season is over, isn't worth watching that much cause the post-season is shown on different channels other than its own. Did you not think of the subscribers in making this decision to remove Nickelodeon for the kids or Comedy Central and BET AND MTV for the young adults or any of the other channels that you formerly provided? The excuse you made was that you are trying to provide an affordable price and a selection of channels was the best way to provide a Compelling offer to your fans. That was like the every major sports league saying "Hey guys, we are cancelling our programming over all stations due to the fact that we feel the fans in the stadiums who pay to see us are more valuable to us than the at home T.V. Audience who makes up 80% of our fanbase. To make it up to you, we will start showing the development league guys and the guys who couldn't or will never make the pros and ask that you pay the same price to watch them. Also we'll give you access to The Practice Squads, but not the real players just so you know who they are." You then offer CBS channels and Fox Channels that many of us already have access to through our local HD antennas. So much for Cutting the Cord huh? The solution is simple. The Return of Viacom programming to PlayStation Vue or a reduction in your pricing and a more vue-able explanation as to why the service was cut. What you have done is no more disrespectful than what Akihiko Kaiyaba did to the Ppl trapped in Sword Art Online. "Sure guys come join my game. Immerse yourself in my full dive technology. Just no that on day one I plan on trapping you all in here until you best all 100 floors and if you all die in game then you die in real life as well, so yeah...... there's nothing I can do about that but come have fun and lose 2 to 3 years of your life." If not you might as well cancel the service cause you will lose a massive amount of subscribers, me included. If not, than give us the explanation we deserve to hear about the change and not that BS excuse you gave. Now personally I care because I praised you guys. I convinced a lot of ppl to get into your service. I've been apart of this service for roughly 2 years. Hell I think I was apart of over of the Beta cities and this is the first time I as a devout Member of the PlayStation Nation have ever been disappointed by the means of what you have done. Your motto is providing the best service and value to your fans, for the fans. The thing that really gets me is that instead of saying the fans evaluation of the service, you choose to say your own evaluation is how you came to this decision. That meant that you didn't care much for the fans input on your service. That needs to change drastically if you want to compete with other online services.

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