Remake the storyline of The Last Of Us Part II

I would like to add that druckman simply killed Joel for being an easy resource as motivation for the story, in addition to not fitting into the theme of Lesbian love, the problem is that he decided to kill him as degrading as trash, in addition to being forced and absurd , like the one Joel and Tomy will patrol alone knowing that there is a greater presence of infected than usual, that a storm is coming and the whole process by which Abby meets Joel only to allow The Last of 2 to exist.

The relationship Abby and Lev tries to replicate that of Joel and Ellie to try to generate empathy, without wasting the possibility of introducing an kid who feels identified with the opposite sex.

Having quite curious points like:

The character jerry was built for this sequel, far from the original doctor:

Some manipulation is used as with ellie it is impossible to avoid killing dogs (despite the director saying that it was avoidable), being that in the case of abby not only do you not kill dogs but there are explicit mime scenes with dogs, the famous scene where it is believed that joel is with ellie (where joel says you thought he would let you do this alone) but in reality it is jesse, or of certain scenes to convey a different aura on the part of the fireflies.

The Last of Us Part 2 is the result of niel druckman taking complete control of its making (which he did not have in part 1) giving us a story with the current trend regardinginclusion, feminism, lgbt (, as well its Jewish identity and his liking for abby denoting his intention to make her the protagonist of the franchise, continuing his relationship with lev, sinning from a lack of originality for repeating the relationship between adult and kid.

Isaac Barajas, Leon, Mexico
1 year ago
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