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Release the firmware update and wiring for PS Vita 1000 Series HDMI-out port; I'm not buying a PS TV!

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Sony has released a new product, soon coming to the west, called Playstation TV.  This device will work as a standard gaming console that runs PS Vita software.  At $100 USD, this is great for gamers who aren't interested in using the Vita's portability because of the lower price point.  However, the original PS Vita 1000 series was manufactured with an HDMI out port; Sony removed the port from the new Vita 2000 (or Slim) and the port will never be used.  As a lifetime Sony Playstation customer and gamer, I expect my hardware to be fully functional.  I understand features that are delayed and later updated, but this important feature was intentionally ignored and eventually it was removed. 

Now, Sony will release the Playstation TV.  The only way to display Vita software on a screen other than the Vita's is to buy an entirely new console.  For those who don't yet own a Vita, like I previously stated, it is a good idea.  But, as I already own a Vita 1000, I have no need for the PS TV; for another PS Vita.  It seems clear that Sony will never implement this feature on the actual Vita system, because owners of the Slim would be slighted.  When the Slim was in production, the PS TV was probably already in consideration.  So, instead of allowing the whole family of consoles to have this feature, the handheld was forgotten. 

Does Sony expect Vita owners without an excess of expendable income who want to play their games on a larger screen to overlook this obviously dishonest and corner-cut business practice?

Will I trust a company in the future that is willing to decrease the quality of a flagship product so they can release a new unit that may lead to some customers feeling the need to own both?

I do want to play my Vita games on a larger screen, but I will not buy a second console to do so when the one that I own has the capability built in; Sony chose not  to release this capability because of a new product.  That is not how a flagship gaming company should operate. 

Sony should release the firmware update and wiring for those of us lucky enough to own the first Vita series, so we can actually use all of its features.  I bought your consoles, and I buy the games; but I won't buy into your scam and neither should anyone else.

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