Release The Directors Cuts of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

Release The Directors Cuts of The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

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In the years since the release of Marc Webbs The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and its sequel, It has become more and more clear to an ever-growing array of people that the films we received may not have been the original intent of the director.

In the first film, these changes do not seem as severe, however, when looking at many of the deleted scenes, you can see that a large portion was replaced with scenes that are much weaker in comparison, even if the finished product is still a very great spider-man experience.

From the first film, the missing elements include:

• A more in-depth arc for Doctor Curtis Connors that looks into the struggles of his failing marriage and the relationship with his son, which would make him infinitely more relatable and compelling. An example of this would be where Peter finds a recording of Connors explaining his plan on a video camera in the sewers, whilst in an alternate version, Peter physically met and discussed the issue with him.

• An explanation as to what happened to Irrfan Khan's character Rajit Ratha at the hands of the lizard.

•  More scenes of Peter's failing school life.

• Much more swinging sequences as they were shown in the trailers.

• A scene that emulates a moment from the comics where Peter jumps out of the way of a car and discovers he can stick to walls.

For the second film, the fact that changes were made are far more noticeable, and it is clear that they were made for the sole purpose of execs at Sony simply wanting to push their own cinematic universe. And when compared to many of the trailers the final product looks completely different. Many unreleased deleted scenes, as well as many behind the scenes set photo, also reveals a very different story was clearly in mind.

For the second film this includes:

• An entire sub-arc which was filmed including Mary Jane Watson that to this day has never been shown or released to the public.

• Much like Connors in the first film Jamie Foxx's character Max Dillon also had a much bigger more compelling arc which we can see through the deleted scenes, one of these scenes being where he is looking after his sick mother.

• More interactions between Harry and Peter, a scene of them talking in the trailers is replaced with a far weaker scene of Peter talking to him on the phone in the finished product. Other scenes such as Harry telling Peter that Oscorp has him under surveillance are also nowhere to be seen.

• Flash thanking Gwen for all her help during school.

• Peter visiting Oscorp and being introduced to a large amount of new technology.

• Harry talking to his father about Peter. "Not everyone has a happy ending"

• A mysterious plot point where Norman Osborn's head is seen in a tank of some kind.

• A much more brutal Green Goblin Transformation.

• An attack on Oscorp carried out by Harry after his Goblin transformation.

• A scene which takes place after Gwen's Death where Peter returns to harry and inflicts large amounts of pain upon him, revealed only to us by one photo of Peter raising Harry above his head in rage. In the final version Harry appears to just magically arrive in prison with no reaction from Peter at all for the murder of Gwen.

• Far more web-swinging sequences.

The release of this cut would be a huge gift to all fans of this "Amazing" dualogy who for years have felt ignored and cheated, and in light of the recent Snyder Cut Announcement now is a better time than ever to push for a definitive release of Marc Webb's vision!

Please share this petition anywhere you can with the hashtag #ReleaseTheWebbCut so that we can finally give this franchise the attention it deserves!



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