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Patch Ratchet Deadlocked

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Hi Sony 

Me and my friends are requesting a patch for Ratchet : Deadlocked HD on PS3 let idol minds fix the game because we need a patch and they would love to fix it.

The original PS2 version of the game contained features like online leaderboards (now consisting of false stats), clans (now crashing PS3s), secret skins (now with distorted textures), 10 player lobbies (now 6 with team colors limited up to purple), in-game names, and the Juggernaut game mode.

So what we are petitioning for is a patch to hopefully remedy these issues. Alas, not as many people gather on the HD port as they did the original for the reasons listed above. Fixing these issues will easily encourage all the players disappointed with the HD remaster to return playing. And, of course, that'd make everyone currently playing very happy to see an influx of returning players. Deadlocked has always taken pride on having a small, but intimate, community.

Our game saves crashes and weIl have to start all over again for the 20th time due to save corruptions even though we would play the game normally. The bugs in Deadlocked is worse then any of the other ports of the Ratchet and Clank ps2 games. I can promise you if release a patch. Sales will increase and there will be more profits. I think it really takes 2 people at Idol Minds to fix the bugs on DL. They won't cost you much.

We don't want any PS2onPS4 rerelease. Ports are better than emulation. 


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