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Make Sony allow Crossplay for All Platforms

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In this years E3, Microsoft announced that Minecraft will be crossplay compatible with the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but one very important platform was left out, Playstation. It's not just Minecraft that cross platform play isn't being allowed with Playstation and the other platforms. Rocket League and the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 is joining the crossplay train and leaving Playstation at the train station.

Sony is the one not wanting to hop aboard and join everyone in gaming harmony. Their reasoning is to "protect the children" from influences on other platforms. Now, everyone in the gaming industry know that this is a smelly load of bull. Sony allows crossplay with PC and Playstation, and PC is the least monitered platform there is. So on paper, Sony allowing Playstation to cross platform play with Xbox and Nintendo shouldn't put their players in any more danger or negative influence.

We can easily break the bonds of not being able to play with a friend because they are on a different console and cant afford a Playstation. We can make new friendships or memories. We can expand gaming communities. We can make gaming a unified thing, which I believe online gaming is about.

Other games will eventually want in on the sweet action that is crossplay and Sony shouldn't be allowed to ignore their consumers and prevent a brighter future for the gaming industry. If enough people speak up, Sony will have to listen! So please, sign this petition, it will lead to a great future if you do. What's that slogan Playstation likes to use? Oh yeah, "Greatness Awaits".

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