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Lets get Sony to create a "Playstation Anywhere" service

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Over the past few years. Sony has been one of the leading publishers in gaming. With numerous hit titles and a huge library. However, the one platform strategy has denied many gamers from poorer countries or who are simply income limited. Especially in international markets. Or those with limited spending as it limits their gaming horizons to mantain multiple gaming platforms. 

Recently Microsoft has had success with its "Xbox Play Anywhere" program which allows players to access their games on PC or Xbox at any time. It is a huge benefit to those who travel, those who have gaming systems in different areas of the house and those who simply do not want to invest in a console due to their own preference for customization and would spend money on Software instead

This petition is being made and delivered to Sony and Sony Interactive Entertainment in particular to show them that there is a market for their software on PC. Sony has already made steps to try establish a PC presence with Playstation Now. But we feel they can go further

Why it makes sense

The rub is that Playstation Now is not good enough. Streaming is simply not a solution at this time with limited data caps. What we propose is a fully native PC experience defined by the user and only limited by their configuration. We believe this will only strengthen Sony in the future. Any PC version made is simply future proofing games for any future consoles Sony makes. A 60FPS version of Uncharted now saves players spending more money on a remaster in the future, but they will reward you with greater title retention. A Sony PC client would also be disruptive in a market that needs disruption and attention. Both PC Gamers and console would reward a move like this. 

Gaming is for everyone without borders. Expanding them will only help the industry in the future.

Thank you for listening.


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