Sony: Your Reputation as a Patron for Art-House is in Shambles

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The first true representative of a new audio-visual, interactive art form has been stifled by Sony.

The Tomorrow Children could have inspired future generations of artists. It demonstrated how a virtual world that models light accurately in real-time can provide a completely novel medium in which the plastic arts can be expressed and experienced, without any physical limitations.

To work as a source of inspiration, art needs to be accessible. If no one can experience it - now that Sony has decommissioned the servers - then it is as if it had never existed.. 

Sony shut down the game on Nov1, 2017, after less than a year of it seeing the light, presumably because it did not garner as many visitors as more popular first-person shooter video games. That's like comparing the Art Institute of Chicago to Universal Studios theme park tickets sold. 

The Tomorrow Children is a big deal. The physics of light has never been represented this accurately in an interactive medium. The story told is an experiment in cooperation, not competition. TTC was conceived by Q-Games director Dylan Cuthbert, who commissioned a custom built engine enabling sculpting with light. There may not be another chance to open the door to this form of expression for a very long time. As the exclusive platform for what was marketed as a game, Sony has an obligation to preserve the art that is the audio-visual experience of the Tomorrow Children.

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