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Bring KNACK to the Xbox One / Scorpio

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I'm a big Xbox fan and I want to play some games. I've saved some money and I'm ready to spend it for some good videogames. But the Xbox has no games. Microsoft will soon launch the Xbox Scorpio, but it won't change the fact that it lacks games.

So I hope Sony will help Microsoft and port KNACK to the Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio. Only with the help of Sony, Microsoft will finally get some games. Everyone should have the right to play KNACK on every hardware! Bringt KNACK and even the upcoming KNACK 2 to the Xbox One/Scorpio in "True 4K".

A game that exists on multiple platforms has several advantages, even for Sony! Sony can make some cash here, because we Xbox fans are thirsty. We want some games! Please Sony, do something! Help Microsoft. Help Phil Spencer. Help US!

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