Improve the remote control functionality of Sony's newest camera range

Improve the remote control functionality of Sony's newest camera range

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Started by Simon Mitchell

When Sony released the a7iii, a7riii and a9 cameras they made a decision to remove the "Smart Remote Control" app, and instead replaced it with a menu option of "Control With Smartphone". Whilst it is good that this functionality hasn't been removed entirely, the new offering leaves a lot to be desired of.

1. No support for touch to AF via the API
2. No developer documentation
3. No support for transfer of RAW image files
4. A lot of the functionality is buggy, see comments on the Stack Overflow answer here including:
    - Having to half-press the shutter before shooting
    - Camera stating it doesn't support LiveView but it actually does

The "Control With Smartphone" functionality should be brought back in-line with the functionality of the old camera models to at the very least support what was possible previously!

Sony Camera users pay upwards of $2000 dollars for their camera equipment, and they absolutely deserve to have the best possible experience in all aspects of their photography! Not supporting functionality which was previously available on other models is a massive shame, and will be a disappointment for Sony Alpha lovers worldwide.

The market is definitely there for this as well, I recently launched an iOS app which aims to improve on the PlayMemories official app, and it received nearly 8000 downloads in the first 3 days alone!

We truly hope you can take some steps to improve the situation on your fantastic range of mirrorless (And other) cameras, and hope you do so!

Sincerely, Sony Alpha lovers.

242 have signed. Let’s get to 500!