Get Bek Smith to Use May "Mayday" Parker/Spider-girl MC2 in All-Female Spider-verse Sequel

Get Bek Smith to Use May "Mayday" Parker/Spider-girl MC2 in All-Female Spider-verse Sequel

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May "Mayday" Parker, Spider-girl of the MC2 Universe, still holds the record for longest running solo female hero series made by Marvel in history.

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10 Reasons why Mayday Parker should be Spider-Girl in the Female Spider-Verse Spin-Off

by Anthony Gramuglia

 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is arguably the best Spider-Man related film to come out in years. It crafted a universe full of infinite possibilities, one of which being a chance for otherwise underrepresented versions of Spider-Man to have a chance at mainstream success. One of these versions is Gwen Stacy's Spider-Gwen (aka Spider-Woman or Ghost Spider).

This character was met with such a warm reception that Sony immediately put a spin-off into development featuring female Spider-Women working together. So far, characters such as Silk and Jessica Drew have been added to the roster. One omission? One of the first alt-world Spider-Man heroes: Mayday Parker; Spider-Man's daughter.
Spider-Girl has, in recent years, been almost forgotten by mainstream readers, but, for a time, she was THE most popular alternate universe character. But as time passed and more alternate characters appeared, culture has seemingly forgotten Mayday.

It would be a mistake for the Spider-Verse series to forget her. Mayday Parker should be Spider-Girl in the female Spider-Verse spin-off.


The biggest reason Mayday should be in the Spider-Verse saga is, quite frankly, Spider-Girl has a good story. In an alternate universe where Mary Jane and Peter's baby from the Clone Saga didn't die, that baby—Mayday—grows up to become Peter Parker's replacement. In many ways, it draws a parallel to Miles Morales's Spider-Man death in the original Spider-Verse film. Spider-Man can no longer be Spider-Man, thus, forcing him to be replaced.
Beyond the further implications that will be discussed later on, it's just a compelling story that we saw explored in Spider-Verse; it was a father-son dynamic between an old and new Spider-Man.

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One great strength of Into the Spider-Verse is the mentor dynamic between Peter B. Parker and Miles Morales. We see an older, worn-down Spider-Man—older than we've ever seen on the screen before—offering vital help and support to a younger, eager boy who just isn't ready to be a hero yet.

What Mayday Parker's story offers is this taken to the next step. We see the results of what happens when an older Spider-Man—older than Peter B. Parker—helps mentor a younger Spider-Man for an extended period of time. We see a snapshot of long-term development, having a chance to see what might've happened if Peter B. Parker had the chance to offer Miles long-term help. This dynamic can be explored in depth if Mayday Parker becomes Spider-Girl in the Into the Spider-Verse spin-off.
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An important element of Gwen Stacy's story in Into the Spider-Verse that can be carried over into the female Spider-Verse spin-off is her being confronted with another version of Peter Parker that lived. It's subtle, but there are moments that indicate Gwen Stacy being in pain being so close to a reminder of her dead friend, Peter Parker.

Now, imagine a version of Peter Parker who lived old enough to have a kid that's now her age. Spider-Verse spent most of its running time focused on Miles Morales's development. This would offer Gwen a chance to confront her own private pain.


By putting Mayday Parker as Spider-Girl into the Into the Spider-Verse female spin-off, Sony will have a chance to offer a real foil to Gwen Stacy. Gwen Stacy and Mayday Parker have a lot in common. Both are teenage girls who become their universe's Spider-Man; both go on adventures; both of their lives are, in some way or another, influenced by Peter Parker...
The difference is this: Gwen Stacy is defined by tragedy, whereas Mayday Parker is defined by legacy. Mayday is social, energetic, excited, and sarcastic. Her fear is living up to her father's legacy, not so much trying to avoid getting others hurt like Gwen's fear is. In this case, the writers have a chance to explore the dynamic between optimism and pragmatism in a way Into the Spider-Verse did as well.

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Despite her popularity in the '90s and '00s, Mayday Parker has been neglected by Marvel Comics (even to the point where the comic book Spider-Verse upset longtime fans). Many longtime fans of the character have been forced to move on from her. New content featuring her just isn't happening. So, much like how Into the Spider-Verse revived interest in Peni Parker and Spider-Man Noir, the female spin-off can renew interest in Spider-Girl. The spin-off has a chance to draw public attention to obscure characters. It's all essentially fan-service told well. So embrace it.


One reoccurring plot-thread throughout Into the Spider-Verse was the romance between Peter Parker and Mary Jane. While the female Spider-Versespin-off should be focused on female versions of Spider-Man, the movie can offer an optimistic possible future for Peter and MJ.

This can offer fans a chance at seeing an optimistic future for Peter without having to devote an entire story to showing Peter happy. This way, the story can remain focused on our heroes without wasting too much time offering fans a glimpse of happiness.

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This is an extremely weird possibility, but given how many alternate universes exist, Peter Parker has no one daughter in canon. While Mayday Parker is the most famous child, in the comic Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Peter Parker's daughter is named Annie.
Annie Parker, otherwise known as Spiderling, is very different from Mayday. Most notably, rather than taking up the mantle after her father retires the webs, she fights alongside her father. Just as Mayday can exist as a foil to Gwen, Spiderling can exist as a foil to Mayday, offering her a chance to see what life would be like if superhero-ing was a family affair.

Although it's unlikely Sony would incorporate two SUCH similar ideas in the same movie.


In Earth-9997, otherwise known as Earth X, Mayday Parker has a very different alias and has a very different appearance. She is her universe's twisted version of Venom.
While most audiences know about the Venom symbiote's relationship with Eddie Brock, Venom has had many hosts. Mayday can offer fans a way to see Venom take a leading role in a Spider-Verse film, albeit in a very different way than they could ever imagine.

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Mayday Parker can also offer viewers a chance to see another legacy character make an appearance: Normie Osborn. Normie Osborn is the grandson of Norman Osborn, and serves as both a friend and enemy to Spider-Girl. During his time, he took on the mantle of both The Green Goblin and Venom.

This could offer Sony the chance to show the world a heroic version of the infamous Spider-Man villain, as well as yet another chance to bring Venom into the Spider-Verse. While the female spin-off should prioritize female Spider-Man characters, this should offer a chance for another obscure character to make an appearance in the franchise.


The ultimate reason why it will be good for Mayday Parker to appear in the Spider-Verse female spin-off is that it can expand the universe. This is, again, a seemingly superficial observation. Of course, the universe will expand if more characters are put into the film. This is obvious. Why should this be given attention?

Because it opens up doors.

The MC2 Universe opened the door to a lot of alt-universe hijinks. While I doubt The Fantastic Five will make an appearance in a female Spider-Versespin-off, this is one of the more developed universes in the Marvel Comics multiverse. Consider how developed Miles Morales's world was in Into the Spider-Verse. While much of that is original to the film, the writers had years of comics to draw from. Mayday's MC2 is not as developed as Miles's Ultimate Universe, but it has a lot of material the female spin-off's writers can draw from.
Mayday Parker offers writers a chance to expand the universe by using underutilized plot points.

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