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Firmware update for DSC-RX1 and RX1R

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SONY´s premium camera DSC-RX1 was released 2012 and there has not been a single firmware update. The recently released RX1R uses an identical firmware. Since it´s release the users noted multiple ways to improve the RX1 experience. We are interested in an updated firmware of the RX1/R. 

Unlike other companies as Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung etc. we customers of SONY are left with little to no support.

It is very likely that the RX1 will not be continued and that it will never receive a firmware update in the future. This petition has been created to show SONY that RX1/R owners are interested in a firmware update.


Some of the basic flaws of the RX1/R that can be resolved via firmware update include:

- Non-zoom focus peaking: Focus peaking should work without zoom magnification to enable composition of moving scenes 

- Improved Autofocus

- Option to completely deactivate exposure simulation. Using small apertures like f/16 In dark situations renders the EVF and display useless because scenes are displayed too dark – even when the exposure simulation is deactivated 

- Settable minimum shutter speed when using auto ISO 

- Focus Peaking in video mode 

- Auto ISO should have the option to go to ISO 50 as well 

- The same exposure indicaton scale from the EVF used on the display aswell 

- Option to reverse direction of the focus ring 

- Option to disable the focus reset to infinity when entering the sleep mode 

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