Equal broadcast opportunities for the Women in pro-football.

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Football is a global sport, enjoyed and cherished by people all around the globe. Football has been predominantly, a man's game. The rawness of it, the pure physicality it requires, to run, to tackle, to collide and get down and dirty, and to get up and keep playing. It's not an easy task, it requires constant training and practice, talent and discipline, in equal amounts. Leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, German Bundesliga, etc have captured the imagination of millions of fans world wide, who are glued to their TV sets, mobiles, on weekends, to be immersed in this larger than life spectacle, this miracle of a sport, we call football. For some, it is a way to be together with out friends and family, for some it's a good 2 hours spent at the local pub, for some, this is their LIFE. 

As you remember, I did say this is not easy, doing all this and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for broadcasting the matches, delivering these magical moments to us. However, a part of this got neglected throughout the history of football. 

The women's team, something a club or a nation has, who will be lucky to get even 1% of the attention that the men's team gets. Women, have made such advancement in football, they are competitive, they train as hard as the men and play the same sport with the same rules. Then, why can't you broadcast their league and cup matches? How is the world going to know about the players that they have never seen play on the grass? We talk, argue and fight so much on topics like if there will be a next Ronaldo or a next Messi, why can't you give us the option to debate, if there will be another Marta, or another Hope Solo? 

We live in a very progressive world and just calling equal rights for men and women is not enough. They are good professional players, who deserve the attention of the world and they are getting better and better by the day. For the fans, a beautiful game is a beautiful game, no matter who plays it. 

Broadcasting these matches also helps immensely with the sigma of football in general, that it is a man's sport. Young girls, who have taken an interest in it, will be encouraged to pursue their dreams with support of their family, instead of having to fight with them, just to do the thing she loves in life. A global awareness will be reached that will rewrite and solidify the basic principles of the game, along with you for bringing the biggest positive change to the game. 

I hereby request you humbly to consider broadcasting League matches for Women's club teams and nationals on TV network. There is not just a potential for a huge audience, but, there is a huge potential for a change, something, that only you can bring to our lives.

Thank you,

Debdeep M.