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Need For Speed RIVALS Must Live On!

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Greetings and Salutations to Playstation Network!

We, the undersigned, are a collective made up of gamers from all over the world.

The one tangible connection we have had for the past five years is the game Need For Speed Rivals.

Entertainment Arts has decided to remove Need For Speed Rivals from its library of games in an attempt to force Rivals' dedicated and loyal fan base into playing Payback, their new game which has not met the expectations of the gamers who play it. 

Need For Speed Rivals has been a marvelous arena for players from all over the world in many countries to meet and play together. Many longtime gamers who have enjoyed Need For Speed Rivals have formed actual friendships, complete with messages and photos of families and friends in our private communications with each other, outside the game.

Because of the uniqueness of Need For Speed Rivals with its Cop and Racer factions, its open-world roaming features, and objectives for both factions, the fan base-- which are thousands of gamers-- have continued to play and enjoy the game, even though EA stopped supporting it long ago. We have continued to invite new gamers to the game because of its unique offerings to players.

It is quite difficult for gamers with different interests and abilities to find ONE game where we all can participate and enjoy our successes and failures together, where we can play hard and improve our skill levels and techniques as gamers, and encourage each other to better performances. Need For Speed Rivals has provided the platform for this kind of interaction. Rivals has been the ONLY game that offers enough choices for us all to stay in the game. 

We have dreamed and hoped for a long time that Need For Speed Rivals would update its features, not change or take away what is already functional, but ADD more to the map, ADD more objectives, ADD different cars and new tech. And yet, we all love the game so much that we stay in it even when it is no longer supported. 

To Playstation Network, we implore you to pick up Need For Speed Rivals as your own game, without changing its present function, providing your loyal gamers a platform to play their most-loved game of all time. We are happy to financially support our addiction to Need For Speed Rivals.

Need For Speed Rivals is our connection to each other for the past five years. Please allow us to continue expanding our fan base and maintaining our wonderful fellowship through the game.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Please save Need For Speed Rivals for its dedicated fan base all over the world.

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