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With all the remakes and remasters in the works or released lately (Modern Warfare, Resident Evil 2 and 3, Crysis Remastered, Saints Row: The Third Remastered), I feel like all of us -- even some of you that have never heard of it! -- deserve a remake of the revolutionary game about a woman and a dragon: "Drakan: Order of the Flame"

I'm not sure who holds the rights for Drakan's IP. A Google search led me to Sony? Anyway, whoever holds the rights: many don't know it yet, but the gaming world needs a Drakan remake!

With today's technology, the game could be amazing.

Rynn runs through a field chased by orcs and clearly outmatched. She stops in her tracks and turns around. A sharp whistle comes from her lips and the orcs freeze as they hear her shout a name that sends a shiver down their spines.
An inferno comes down from the sky, followed by a heavy landing of a huge dragon right in front of Rynn.
"Our allies are under attack nearby," Arokh warns Rynn as she leaps on his back. "They could use our aid."
"Then let's go, friend!" Rynn says, not giving the orcs dancing in agony as flames lick the skin off their bones a second thought. "Into the clouds!"