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Demon's Souls Remake

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I'd love to see Demon's Soul Remake.

I know it would be better if we have Demon;s Soul 2, but I am sure it will take ages to develop  plus not sure if it is the right move after having to complete Dark souls 3 and Bloodborne 2  on the queue. (soon or later is going to come we know that) .

I think it will be profitable for SONY and it will bring new players to enjoy this amazing game. We all ready know there are many player from Xbox 360 who bought a Ps4 to play Bloodborne, so imagine how many more you can have if they know they can play the original game,  the one who brought so many hours of terror and satisfaction. 

Did you enjoy Dark souls 1, 2 ?

so this is your opportunity to try one of the best games in the serie in my modest opinion 

Did you like Bloodborne?

So you we'll love Demon's Souls I know it is not exactly the same but there are quite similar

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