Continue the production of vita games for new releases

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With the way things are going it's starting to seem like Sony has given up on the Playstation Vita (Though even then that's nothing new). But the problem this time is with major titles coming are way as a last spark towards owners being shutdown by the cessation of cartridge production i.e. both new Dancing All Night games (Persona), the Grisaia trilogy, Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project, World End Economica, Punch Line, and many more.

Now this would be fine if other manufacturers were capable enough or licensed to produce carts after sony's departure, but as with the memory cards that is simply not the case. Cartridges were, and still are expensive so though the digital store will remain with no set death point yet it is a serious detriment only having digital games.

Now I'm not looking for an indefinite extension to its lifetime but another year is all I'm asking for, for the games up in the air to get released before it's too late