Continue support of JRPG's For the PS Vita. Raise Sony Awareness of Handheld Importance.

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Raise  Awareness of the Only Handheld that promotes and sells Japanese games to America and Europe. The Playstation Vita is well Known for Selling Games from Bandai,Nisa,capcom and Arksys games. Such Games As Digimon from bandia - Idea Factory Games such as HyperDimension Neptunia games, - Nisa Games Include Disgaea 1-4 for the handheld on the go,- Arksys Blazblue Games and Visual Novels Xblaze - Persona Series from Atlus. These Games Are mostly flagship games that help promote the vita, but i will be bold get to the point.

  The Vita isn't Promoted or talked about and is always treated with such low brow by it's own company in recent times. In japan it sells  pretty highly but eventually it'll be un supported all together.  The PS vita has higher potential than 3DS not because of sells or first party games but because it has Highest 3rd party games that most older generations loves to play that is why i believe its a waste for vita to fade out without giving it another chance and this time promote 3rd party games from the main source such as Tactic / Jrpgs / visual novels / 2D Fighters ect. type games.

    The final thing i want to try say and get across is we the community who love games on the go or play it at home with charger stuck to it since most of us love games too much.This petition is to show that we care for our sony handheld. It deserves all the attention for all of it's 3rd party game it has brought us in the past so i want give as much support to this handheld as i can and i hope it given everyone the same enjoyment. Please help support this petition and spread the word so everyone knows the PS Vita is still alive and kicking.

(PS. i know mostly everything i have written isn't the best. but i trully wish to just spread the word that this gaming handheld deserve a chance by the public.)

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