Bethesda make a fallout game based in Australia

Bethesda make a fallout game based in Australia

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It would be nice to know what happened to Australia. They're strong diplomatic allies with America and one of China's strongest trading partners. Did anybody throw the bombs at them and, if they did, why? Who throws a punch at their own friend in a fight? This is certainly an avenue worth investigating.

Hi! i think fallout should take a new direction: Australia. It would open it up to hundreds of new creatures, terain, plant life, characters, and good story line, now some of you might say what has australia done to get nuked well the best thing about fallout is its in the future you could just make something up that sounds possible

Despite how good it would be, there's not much interesting locations in Australia like aside from Ayer's rock and Sydney. Like I live in Australia but you'll need a specific location that has alot of history that fits well into the history of Fallout, like D.C. got the shit nuked out of it because it's the capital of America and Vegas is no doubt the seediest city in America but Australia wasn't even referenced in the Fallout history so it'll be difficult to come up with a random plot line that fits in with both Australia and the Fallout history. Maybe a DLC for a future Fallout game would be good.--Mastererium 08:03, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

Let me guess, you live in Sydney and you've only ever heard of Ayers Rock (its called Uluru anyway, learn about your own country). How about the Devils Marbles, Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef (way better than the GBR too), the Western Plateau, Tanami Desert, jeez, that is just the natural environment. Don't get me wrong, I think Fallout should never leave the USA, but to say that 'there's not much interesting locations in Australia' is simply incorrect. Socio-politically, Australia was actually quite interesting in the 1950's, with the first moves away from a European dependancy towards a United States focus, before finally accepting its geographical proximity to South-East Asia and focusing more on these international relations. Still, Fallout: Australia is a terrible idea. --Johnny Trash (Talk) 09:11, January 19, 2011 (UTC)
I think since the world of Fallout borrows already from Mad Max, that an Aussie based game in turn would be like a reference within a reference folding in upon itself. It could possibly work, but only if it stayed well out of the cities, all cities. There are some great stories about Outback towns from when they were established well over two hundred years ago. What like I find alarming however like is the "not much interesting locations in Australia like aside from Ayer's rock and Sydney" comment, like. You do realise Sydney is possibly the worst city in Australia, right? Oh you didn't? Well, your fellow Sydnersiders certainly seem to think so[1]. As Johnny says, you should really learn a little bit more about your own country, cos if you do, you'll find that it's actually quite an interesting place. I found that out myself, the very same day I first left my hometown. Can you guess what my hometown was? --Reibusu 10:35, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

How dare you say I live in Sydney? The queer capital of the southern hemisphere. I live in rural Victoria. Johny, Ayers rock is the European name for Uluru, Uluru is the Aboriginal name for it. I meant a city that will be good to explore and not just a landmark like the GBR or Devils Marbles. That's why I said Sydney, because it's a large city that alot of people from other countries will know, I can't just say, "Hey, let's make Fallout in Weribee or Frankston!" Because people will say, WTF is that place? And I also said it's difficult to fit Australia into the Fallout cannon because it's barely if not even mentioned in there.--Mastererium 09:29, January 23, 2011 (UTC)

So you are glad you don't live in Sydney because 'its the queer capital of the southern hemisphere' as you put it? I don't see the problem, but whatever. I guess rural Victoria isn't exactly the most cosmopolital or progressive place in the world, so a certain level of homophobia is to be expected. The rock is officially called Uluru, some dude less than 150 years ago called it Ayers rock because at the time the locals weren't considered human. Why does Fallout need to revolve around searching through the ruins of a (previously) major city? As Reibusu mentioned above, the truly excellent Mad Max series of films were set in a post apocalyptic (apocalypse caused by pressure on resources as well - definitely a major inspiration to Fallout) Australia and not much city action at all.
Your last point - Australia isn't mentioned in Fallout canon - so what? DC wasn't mentioned until Bethesda bought the IP, didn't stop them making FO3 there. If we only saw games that had settings previously mentioned, well, there just wouldn't be much variety, now would there? --Johnny Trash (Talk) 11:36, January 23, 2011 (UTC)
Sydney was even named the Queer capital of Australia so... Probobly not the southern hemisphere but in Australia yes. The reason why I said Sydney is because it's got popular landmarks like the one that ever tourist going home has in their suitcases when they return home, the Opera house. You can't just have a game set in a place that not much people from other countries know about like let's say Broome, people are gonna say "Hey, what's this place". But if it was Sydney people would say like "Oh yeah that large bridge is there and the Opera house". Notice how F3 was in DC. Heaps of people that didn't live in America knew the Washington Monument because it's in movies and the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital Building. These are all popular landmarks in Washington. I called it Ayers Rock because not everyone knows Uluru, Ayers rock is the more common name for it outside of Australia. Mad Max was a great movie, Mad Max 2 is my favorite movie but any directly Mad Max related things are only mentioned in Easter Eggs basically. I too said "Australia" in common isn't mentioned in the Fallout cannon because if there was a Fallout in Australia players would need to know who was Australia nuked by, why were they nuked. You can't just tie Australia to the America-China situation because that'd be stupid. I totally agree with you that a Fallout Australia shouldn't be made mainly because of these reasons and who the hell are you to say I need to learn more about my country? I'm a full blooded Australian with my ancestry coming all the way back from the European settlers. Being set in a major city is what makes Fallout great, it makes scavenging more important. F1 had you exploring nuked L.A., F2 I don't know because I don't have it, F3 had you exploring nuked DC, Vegas had you exploring Nuked Vegas, now think, why would a non major city be nuked? Mad Max 2 was in the Australian outback and it was desolate due to a war regarding resources. But if a Fallout wasn't based in a major city, why would it be nuked? Nuking a large empty space like the Aussie outback would be pointless.--Mastererium 19:06, January 23, 2011 (UTC)
So on one hand you're saying Fallout wouldn't fit Australia because there is only Sydney to explore, yet on the other hand you cite Fallout games that focus on exploring one nuked city each? (Fallout 1 wasn't really centred around exploring LA, but whatever) I'm not suggesting it should be in a city at all.
I'm not sure how you can assert that themes directly related to Mad Max were easter egg only though - we've already covered the resource-driven apocalypse, how about the physical design of the raiders (more so in FO3, but that looks like it was your start in the series anyway) or Dogmeat?
I cannot agree with you that tying Australia into the China/USA thing would 'be stupid' as you put it. Remember, the whole world went up in flames, and given Australia's size it is quite likely that they were an ally of one or the other. --Johnny Trash (Talk) 22:52, January 23, 2011 (UTC)
I'm not just saying "only" Sydney, Sydney and the surrounding area's I mean basically, like I said before, the reason I said Sydney is because it's a large city, last I checked it was one of the most populated cities in Australia, it had well known landmarks that people around the world would know and not just us. Fallout 1 had like L.A. and then the places around it, Fallout 3 was in D.C. and the places around it if you know what I mean. You'd want to make a game in a well known place but not just for you but also people around the world.
Mad Max really only has 2 things that closely refer to the Fallout Great War and that's that it was based during a resource war and it ended with well, a un-happy and dangerous society. I meant like direct references to the Fallout games, Mad Max related things are basically easter eggs. Fallout 1,2,3 and New Vegas leather Armour looked similar to Mad Max's, Dogmeat was kinda a easter egg really because he's a reference to 2 different things, A boy and his dog and Mad Max 2. Raider outfits are designed to fit the generally dark Fallout atmosphere in my view, You can't have a bunch of raiders running around in board shorts and tank tops because that'd be just silly wouldn't it? Just because they had very dodgy made recycled clothes doesn't mean it'd a reference, they could just be an inspiration for the costume designs.
Adding Australia into the Fallout canon will be silly so like let's just say it was Australia and U.K. fighting against some magical country elsewhere, You're going to have to add in an entirely new war into the Fallout canon. You can have it their not tying it it too the U.S. and China war but you're gonna have to create basically a new part of the canon into the normal Fallout canon which wasn't their before when Fallout 1 was created with Fallout canon with it. Also the Fallout Bibles, which had written all of the Fallout history to everything Fallout before Bethesda's creations, I haven't red all of the bibles but Australia wasn't even referenced in the ones I red. So writing in a large piece of the Fallout history into something which was written before which created the Fallout story as we know it would be stupid and I don't think many serious Fallout fans would agree with it.--Mastererium 20:47, January 24, 2011 (UTC)I do believe I used the term inspiration. No, you did say Sydney, not Sydney and the surrounding areas, but that doesn't really change anything. Why not Melbourne? Almost as big and not filled with scary homosexuals that put you off. Please see my previous point re: not appearing in canon, as you do not seem to have understood (or perhaps even read) it. And please, don't start referencing the Fallout Bible to me, I have READ (yes, there is an 'a' in that word) all of them. The Fallout Bible doesn't mention a lot of things that Bethesda have subsequently introduced. --Johnny Trash (Talk) 01:41, January 25, 2011 (UTC)
I'm just gonna say this, how about we drop it? Article is getting boring now? We both agree that there shouldn't be a Fallout Australia, how about we leave it at that? --Mastererium 14:08, January 25, 2011 (UTC)
Sure, we both agree on the main point of this forum, and unfortunately The Vault doesn't have a forum section for Australian Geo-Political discussion. Happy Australia Day comrade! --Johnny Trash(Talk) 05:21, January 26, 2011 (UTC)
Well it's a day late but to you too.--Mastererium 22:28, January 26, 2011 (UTC)
If there ever was a Fallout game/mod based in Australia...please add the Canning Stock Route.


Well we all know now how the Australian Apocaplypse started, when rival australian cities got pissed of at each other fighting over which city was the best then the nukes launched and the aboriginies laughed.

Except of course, there are no nukes, and the army answers to the federal government...Agent c 00:48, January 30, 2012 (UTC)
The only thing I can see happening there is the Aborigines laughing upon our demise.   00:52, January 30, 2012 (UTC)
Face it Australia is too awesome to get nuked, Fallout 4 should be about Australia taking over the world.--MrDuche (talk) 00:21, August 23, 2012 (UTC)

It makes perfect sense that Australia would have a big role in the Fallout universe. Why do you think the USA annexed Canada? Both Canada and Australia are chockers full of Uranium. Australia would definitely have been a huge asset to any Eastern powers in the Fallout universe (China?).


It's a bit after the fact but having read over commentary back and forth I have realized how little people know of our country. Following WWII the ANZUS pact was formed which began an Alliance between Australia, New Zealand and America, since then NZ has pulled out of the alliance with America due to a dispute (I won't go into that though), however Australia is still allied with America and has/will pledge military support in a large number of global environs (such as Afghanistan and Iraq). Adding to this Australia also houses Pine Gap, a large Satellite control facility in central Australia, this facility is under majority control of the U.S. by organizations such as NSA and CIA and is utilized to control American Spy-satellites which covers areas such as China and most of Asia. This would, if I'm not mistaken, make us a logical target for destruction in any war with America. Adding to this there is also the CSIRO Australian Animal Health Labs, which is currently listed as one of our largest terrorist points of attack, having worked there for a period of time I can quite confidently say if the diseases housed there were released, we would see a catastrophic destruction of Fauna in this country, and without quarantine procedures a lot of other countries (the only animal disease control facility larger than that is located in France. One more reason is that Australia is currently the home of the largest Uranium deposits in the world, since Fallout is nuclear then that Uranium would make us a great trophy for any country looking for a resource monopoly, or didn't anyone else notice that Fallout transport system are Fission based? Now for landmarks, Sydney is indeed a very well known landmark due to the Opera House and Harbor Bridge, however one can't discount the fact that Melbourne is actually the most visited city in this country (by choice) for foreign visitors, with a reputation as the "Food and Wine Capital of the southern hemisphere" it's no real wonder. The Gold Coast and Great Barrier Reef are (last I looked) the second most visited due to the fact the is no other place on earth quite like them. So in summary, don't be so quick as to exclude Australia from the Fallout Universe because we've already chosen our side, made our threats and are well known in the world...Just sayin'. :) .--Rakiesh
The reason for the bombing nsw finally won the state of origin so we both bombed each other Chochog

edit from escaper59 Australia would have been the supplier of th urainum to mae the weaponry (as with the real world australia sells uranium as long as the buying countries promise its not for weaponry mabye we stopped doing this and sold urainm to america for oil, and china being angry at us,nuked us so as to capture th urainum and stop america for getting anymore there you go reasons

what if Australia never got bombed and stayed out of it advancing in technology until they were good enough to start replenishing other countries.

Here is a thought, do you people know of the many pro-communist groups in Australia in the 50s? -Squire.

Lol fallout Australia already exits- have you ever seen Mad Max? Dozserhouse

Hey! I would love a fallout game in Australia. Fallout New south whales. The game would be set in NSW and also a little bit of QLD. this gives the player an opportunity to explore a lot of nice places. vehicles wouldn't differ because that's how it is irl but things like robot company may need to be changed. accept for Robco and Vault tec, there kind of important.

one radio station it would need would be some variant of Zinc 96.1 and would have songs like This is Australia. one tribe in the game I can imagine would be the aboriginals becoming a very cool forest clan. a few creatures I can think of would be the Rad roo(kangaroo), a lot of blood bugs and those flies(of course its humid) and some form of Dingo along with other classics like ghouls, but probably not super mutant.

one raider tribe I can imagine would be Bogans, wild drunk Australians with guns, they would make great raiders. and some drink consumables would be in cans and instead of getting caps from em you would get tin, these would be sodas and alcohol.

also, some areas wouldn't be ruined and would have full civilization. giving the player an opportunity to see pre war life and post war life in a massive battle which sums up the story of the game. id say it'd take place somewhere in-between fallout 76 and fallout 1 so that way civilization isn't completely overrun. sorry for this long drag.

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