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Australia says NO to video games that normalise Domestic and Family violence!

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Domestic and Family violence is a human rights issue. Everyone has the right to live free from violence particularly in their own home. Exposure to domestic violence can have long lasting consequences and can result in complex trauma, serious injury and even death.  Current statistics suggest that on average at least one woman per week is killed due to domestic violence in Australia. Men also experience and are victims of domestic violence.  Children exposed to frequent  domestic violence can experience complex trauma. Complex trauma occurs when you are repetitively exposed to trauma and the person who is meant to nurture and protect you is also your source of fear.  Frequent exposure to fear activates a persons fight, flight and freeze response which is necessary to protect one’s self from danger but is unhelpful when it is activated when danger is not truly present.  As a result of complex trauma children may experience disruption to their brain development and experience other psychological difficulties such as an inability to develop a secure attachment to another, difficulty regulating their emotions, disruption to normative emotional and cognitive development, as well as, social skills and educational attainments, which may impact on their ability to reach their full potential in life.

I ask that you all stand united and say “No” to domestic violence and no to messages within the entertainment industry that normalise domestic violence such as through gaming.

Detroit: Become Human, is a new to be released video game by Sony for PlayStation. Scenes In this game are very graphic and should not be considered entertainment. One of the scenes shows Todd a single father of Alice (10), inciting fear in Alice by exposing her to domestic violence between himself and Kara, an android employed to care for Alice. Todd attempts to threaten and harm Kara by strangling her in front of Alice. He later is seen to chase Alice to her bedroom and is seen laying her dead body on the bed and stating “It’s all over now, Daddy is not angry anymore”. Alternatively the scene is played out by Kara attempting to protect Alice from her father, and the child is seen rocking in fear saying her father has hurt others before and they attempt to flee from Todd.  The images are graphic and should be cut from this game as they are offensive and such experiences should not be trivialised or normalised within a video game. Killing children and domestic violence has no place in video games. Sign this petition to stop Sony for allowing this scene to be in Detroit: Become Human!

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