Give Duran Duran Their Song Rights

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Petition created by Marianne Rhodes and musician Ciel Gloss

In global unison Duran Duran fans and a diversity of supporters worldwide are demanding the US copyrights returned to Duran Duran for their first three albums Duran Duran, Rio, Seven And The Ragged Tiger and James Bond theme A View To A Kill .
The band's notices were served following an US copyright law that gives songwriters the right to call for a reversion of copyright after 35 years. However in 2014 when the band formally registered the request for a reversion of their copyrights in the United States they were met by stunning and hostile opposition by Sony/ATV who declared it a challenge.
By not honoring this law, as a global society we believe Sony/ATV have acted in breach of the agreement by not fulfilling the law. Furthermore, we are concerned for other artists as this unjust ruling has set a very dismal outlook for all songwriters pertaining to the era.
Please sign this petition to support Duran Duran’s rights to reclaim their song copyrights as is entitled to them by law.


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