Add HDR10 PLUS to Sony TVs

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Sony used the words make.believe in 2009 and today in 2018 I want to believe.

I want to believe that besides being one of the best TV brands in the world.

They also want to take care of their customers and with our opinions continue to do what they do best, make us believe.

HDR10 PLUS, is a new type of high dynamic range, introduced in 2017.

It has been adopted by companies such as 20th century fox, Warner Bros, Amazon Prime Video and others.

I think many of your customers don't want to miss the opportunity to enjoy HDR10 PLUS on our TVs.

Please, Sony, we don't want to be part of an HDR war, as happened with BetaMax and VHS.

In addition, HDR10 PLUS is free of royalty.
Thank you for offering us Dolby Vision already, but don't forget that HDR10 PLUS will take the other half of the HDR content in the future.

Sony make us believe again, we want to believe!