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The Resignation of SC SCV Commander

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We, the undersigned, request the assistance of The Sons of Confederate Veterans National Division. The Commander of the South Carolina Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans has shown time and again his inability and unwillingness to fulfill his charge in "the defense of the Confederate Soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principals which he loved, and those ideals which made him glorious".

Mr. Summers has bent to the whims of corrupt politicians, special interest groups, and public pressure, remaining silent and inactive since the onslaught against Southern Heritage began in July of 2015. From causing South Carolina to be the only State in the South not to hold celebrations on National Confederate Flag day in 2017, to agreeing not to display Confederate Battle Flags at conventions, Mr. Summers has continuously put Confederate Heritage defenders at a disadvantage in the struggle to preserve our history. 

Not only has Mr. Summers failed the SCV with his feckless leadership, he has made points on multiple occasions to attack, demean, belittle, and insult other Heritage Defense organizations in the State of South Carolina who have filled in the gap left by his negligence and refusal to lead. By sending out emails requesting SCV members not attend Heritage events in the State held by other Heritage organizations, threatening to expel SCV members for attending events held by other Heritage organizations, and making public statements attacking other Heritage organizations, Mr. Summers has proven himself to be equally as divisive as those who seek to eradicate our Heritage, if not more so. 

We plead for your assistance in calling for the resignation of Commander Summers so that our Great State might once again have leadership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans that is worthy of that title. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are an institution of great virtue and honor, but the South Carolina Division lacks sorely in the leadership needed to carry Confederate Heritage into this new millennium. 

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