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Exceptions have to be made dependent on what is being presented.  You cannot say A grandparent can mentor a Senior on his/her project, but their Mother, who just happens to be the founder of the Organization they wish to help, can not.

Letter to
Sonoma Valley Unified School District Sonoma Valley Unified School District/Senior Board Committee
I am the Founder of an IRS recognized Non profit Foundation called The Butterfly Fund. We help families who have children with any catastrophic illness or event in their lives. My youngest daughter, who is a Senior this year at Sonoma Valley Hghschool in Sonoma CA is required to perform a Senior Project in order to graduate. Having seen what we do at The Butterfly Fund, she wanted to be a part of our organization this year and spear head a project we began last year- The Secret Stocking Project. The job would entail many , many hours of her time (10 x the required 20 hours) and she would learn many aspects of running a program within a non profit organization. Her Senior project proposal was denied because her Mentor, The founder of The Butterfly Fund, just happens to be ME, her Mother ( though they do allow Grandparents to be mentors.) I just believe that they need to make exceptions for parents when the student is doing something far and above what is required and their only complaint is the fact that a Parent cannot mentor their own child.

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