Refurbish the Sand Volleyball court at Maxwell Regional Park

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Sand Volleyball is now a collegiate sport and with the vast popularity of volleyball in Sonoma Valley we need to keep up with demand. Indoor court space is limited and currently there are no local opportunities for the youth of Sonoma to grow in the sport of sand volleyball. If kids with love of the game wish to learn, grow, and thrive, they must leave Sonoma Valley to do so. A fully functioning sand court at Maxwell Park would allow coaches, sports organizations, and others to expand their offerings and provide our youth the opportunity to develop their skills. The repair of this court is essential. Adding an additional court would allow for outdoor tournaments and expand practices.

If the court was in good condition the neighboring Boys & Girls Club of Sonoma Valley would love to be able to broaden their sports program to Sonoma Valley kids with sand volleyball camps, league play, clinics and after school programs. The public would benefit from the option to form adult instructional leagues or just enjoy a safe, usable place to have a casual game with friends.

The sand volleyball court at Maxwell Regional Park, which is owned by the County of Sonoma, is badly in need of repairs and sits virtually unused due to its poor condition. To be viable the court needs drainage to keep if from being a swamp after the rain, a weed barrier to keep the Bermuda grass from taking over, and more sand so that it is safe to use.

Allowing the sand court at Maxwell Park to continue to deteriorate is a missed opportunity not only for the youth of Sonoma Valley but the entire community. By refurbishing the sand court at Maxwell Park you are opening the door to everyone in Sonoma to take advantage of this valuable asset.

By signing this petition you are telling the Sonoma County Regional Parks Department that it is time to act. It is time to refurbish the sand court at Maxwell Park. It is time to return this asset to the community where it belongs.


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