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Luke suffers from Celiac Disease - an autoimmune disease. In some children, it makes them feel physically ill constantly and others (such as Luke) have irritable behavior changes - sometimes over the top and erratic. This is something that he's been struggling with his whole life and was only diagnosed last year. I'm sure you can imagine the trials and tribulations he's experienced due to the lack of knowledge/understanding of his parents, teachers, peers and doctors. Since his diet has been changed, we've seen changes in him that has been relieving for his family but life altering for him.

Recently, Lynda (Luke's mom), had emergency surgery. She was sick and overwhelmed. Luke stayed with family for a weekend so she could recover. Unfortunately, his diet wasn't followed and he was exposed to foods that are toxic that essentially changed his behavior. June 19, 2012 (two days after Luke came home) things got escalated and the police ended up taking him from his home under the impression that HE was a threat to his family! Lynda has been advocating for him for over 2 months - trying to explain that it's not a mental disorder but food allergies. Last week, I caught wind that the Social Services workers are still not following his diet and have decided to medicate him. Lynda tried to warn them again, only to be laughed at and mocked. They thought she was crazy. She requested to see their menu - to which they refused to produce. She had to call the police in order to get a copy of their menu. They then retaliated and served her with a restraining order, even though the cop that responded said Lynda was in the right and they were unprofessional and in the wrong. I feel they over-reacted to cover their own negligence and abuse towards this child! Lynda has been complaining that Luke looks exceptionally pale, he has dark circles around his eyes and chapped red lips; symptoms of being exposed to food that are essentially poisoning him. He's been complaining about his body being in constant pain. The facility keeps feeding him ibuprofen and denies Lynda's claims that his pain is caused by the foods he's being exposed to.

There is no reason that Luke shouldn't be home now.

Thank you so much for all of your support. I was visited today by a social worker who is about to retire. She validated that this case is bullshit but because I have a new social worker who's still in training, she's lacks experience and is probably overloaded with adjusting to the workload and didn't have a chance to look over Luke's special needs. So she made a blind decision. Luke is now stuck where he is until January. I was told if I don't stop making noise they can take my other kids just because they can and obviously they don't want to because they're still here.
I'm baffled by the world we live in. I was told by several lawyers, "this is the one area in law that has no supervision." There was a senator that was advocating against "legal" child racketeering in the US and making quite a stand and her and her husband were mysteriously killed. I'm sharing this to educate you. This is our world. Until people start standing up as a people and say no more! This machine, this lack of humanity is only going to grow stronger. What will the world be like in 20 years? People are losing sensitivity and compassion. I see the ego growing and hearts diminishing. Courage provokes fear and the belief is that you're crazy if your voice is heard above all the babble. I pray for the next generations to come. Rise above the gluttony and pacification. Be strong, trust your instincts, believe in yourself and your cause. There is nothing to Fear but Fear itself. Good luck kiddos; I'm rooting for you and will do everything in my power to empower every child I come across.
~Lynda Maye

Letter to
Sonoma County Human Services Department Sonoma County Social Workers
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Sonoma County Human Services Department.

Release 10 yrs. old boy suffering with Celiac Disease from group home and return him to his family.

Lynda (Luke's mother) did not deserve the restraining order which she received shortly after attempting to warn the social workers that his health is rapidly declining. They refused to comply with his sensitive needs. Luke was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year and was found to be allergic to particular items such as varied laundry detergents, certain toothpastes and a variety of foods. His food allergies require a gluten-free environment as well (nothing that has been used/cooked with gluten can touch him or his eating/cooking utensils). Luke's health is at extreme risk. His life is at stake. His allergy blood level is almost at a Level Four - which means he will go into an anaphylactic shock that could result in death. The Social Services Department has no legal grounds to hold Luke, yet they have had him since June 19th of 2012. There are no investigations and no legal reasons as to why he can not return home. He is currently being misdiagnosed and medically mistreated at the juvenile group home, Plumfield Academy. He is being given Abilify, an anti-psychotic that is inappropriate for his situation and his age. He is not a threat to his family and has shown no signs of misconduct or violent behavior since his admittance. In fact, the separation from his family is causing severe depression and further increasing his high risk situation. The Plumfield Academy staff has repeatedly denied Lynda's claims and deny Luke's food allergies - even though she has the medical reports proving her claims. He must be immediately returned to his home and the Somoma County Human Services Deptarment owes Luke and Lynda an apology for their negligent and abusive care.