Support for Sanctioned Encampments

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   We,  the undersigned, express our support for the Board of Supervisors to create and maintain a variety of Sanctioned encampments. Sanctioned encampments are the best solution to provide safe living space for the Rodota Residents and our other homeless citizens.     

We care about everyone in Sonoma County, both housed and unhoused. Currently, the county is working under emergency conditions to resolve the Rodota Trail Camp where over 220 people are living. There is not room in the existing shelters in Sonoma County to adequately house the approximately 2000 people sleeping outdoors every night. 

Sanctioned  encampments represent the most feasible and pragmatic solution to the Sonoma County homelessness crisis. These camps must meet the basic human needs for safety including bathrooms, water, trash service, warmth, security and areas for food preparation. 

   If the camps are constructed  using alternative, environmentally conscious construction methods, with the help of people currently living on the trail, these individuals would be provided with positive transformational opportunities to develop new skills. By safely accommodating the trail residents, the entire community benefits and the trail is restored to its original intention.  

A petition has been started recently by a local Sonoma County group expressing their opposition to encampments, which they will be presenting at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, January 14 at 2 pm. This opposing view does not represent the majority of the public in Sonoma County who are in favor of Sanctioned Encampments. We wish to have our voices represented at this meeting as well.  We want to show our support and appreciation for this and other creative solutions for housing our homeless residents.