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Respect the Development Code & Save Schocken Hill

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We, the undersigned, are opposed to the proposed development of three homes on Schocken Hill, off 4th Street East and Brazil Street, in the City of Sonoma.  The main points of our objection cite City of Sonoma Development Code Section 19.050.040 (Hillside Development) in the following issues:

1. Terrain Alteration: the project should be designed to fit the terrain rather than altering the terrain to fit the development: The project proposed at the lower lot is not designed to fit the terrain.  The design alters the terrain to fit the project.

2. Development patterns that form visually protruding or steeply cut slopes for roads or lots shall be avoided. In the particular case of the lower lot, the design creates extensive fill slopes of 10' to 12' acting the neighbor.  The two upper lots are located high on the hillside, resulting in a long driveway snaking up the hill, causing many cut and fill slopes, thus a large visible scar area.

3. Lot Pad Grading: Lot pad grading should be limited to the boundaries of the structure's foundation, vehicle parking space and a yard area as shown on the approved grading plan. Pads should not exceed 5,000 square feet. All three of the proposed homes greatly exceed the 5,000 square foot standard, each being two to three times that guideline amount.


* There is inadequate environmental review.  The three lots were proposed independently while in fact they are tied together with common driveway connectors and drainage requirements the trust be assessed together through an EIR. There is significant risk of increased heavy runoff from the previously undisturbed hillside, all concentrated at the corner of 4th Street East and Brazil.

* The proposed development is inconsistent with the purpose of the Hillside Development Ordinance to preserve and protect the view to and from the City of Sonoma.

*This is all on Schocken Hill, part of the scenic backdrop of Sonoma, easily visible from 4th Street East and Lovall Valley Road and other streets leading to the town Plaza.  It must be maintained in its undeveloped state, or at least, development with less impact on the viewscape from town. 

*Removal of dozens and dozens of trees for construction will destroy the hillside view.

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