Decision Maker Response

Sonic Drive-In’s response

Sep 25, 2014 — There is a great deal of information in the marketplace about what products are best for our environment, and we know there is no perfect product today. You will find debate around which product is greatest or most detrimental. For instance, while foam cups are recyclable, it can be a challenge to find centers that will accept them. On the other hand, paper packaging requires the harvesting of trees and generate about 181% more solid waste by weight than a comparable foam cup.

Like many other restaurants, SONIC does use foam cups based on attributes customers desire, including lack of condensation or “sweating” and the superior ability to keep drinks cold or hot. We are always evaluating how we can be best serve our customers and on this topic consider such things as consumer preference, available supply, cost, environmental impact and public opinion. We appreciate your feedback and will consider it we consider packaging choices for our products.