Sonic: switch to eco friendly cups

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As someone who cares about our environment, I'm writing to ask Sonic to STOP using styrofoam cups. In order to combat pollution and environmental destruction, many states are beginning to ban the use of disposable food service containers made of polystyrene. Styrofoam has been reported as a significant contributor to plastics pollution. It is being banned for a reason. Why wait until you are forced to change? Show your customers that you too care about our environment and are willing to make a change.

Other food industries have made the switch and ditched styrofoam for more sustainable packaging. Now, it's your turn. 

Do the right thing, and switch over to paper or better yet, also offer reusable cups with your logo! People could use over and over again as they visit your location for their daily happy hour beverages. It's more eco-friendly, more sustainable, more recyclable, and overall the better choice for your company and the planet.

Thank you for your time and your advocacy for us all.