Help create dry needling standards in MA as there currently are none.

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Dry needling and trigger point acupuncture are advanced invasive procedures.  Licensed acupuncturists must have at least 1,905 didactic hours to sit for the NCCAOM third party national exams to obtain a license to use trigger point acupuncture in the Commonwealth of MA.  The BOAH allows the equated practice of dry needling with zero hours and is contemplating adding the requirement of a mere 25 hours with no specific clinical hours and no third party national exam to demonstrate competency and the ability not to harm. Acupuncturists must demonstrate this.  Medical doctors who choose to be part of the AAMA, the American Academy of Medical Acupuncturists must take 300 hours of vetted courses and must pass the NBMA exam, a third party exam to become members.  These are MDs who have regular use and training with needles. Please support patient safety and demand the Board of Allied Health, which oversees physical therapists mandate appropriate regulations for this practice in the Commonwealth.

Everyone who puts a needle in a body to decrease pain and help patients heal in the opioid crisis and beyond needs to be trained, clinically supervised and examined before having that privilege. Patient safety comes first. Demonstrating competency to teach exercises requires a third party national exam.  How much moreso to insert needles?