Local Police Station

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We have recently seen an increase in crime in the Wallsend, Maryland and Fletcher areas. With the increase in population and further planned residential housing approved for another 3000 homes in the Minmi area this is only going to get worse.

A police station in the local area is the only solution with the nearest police station in Waratah. Wether it be at Wallsend or Maryland, this is an urgent request for action from our government. 

I have personally lived in the 2287 area for 18 years and have seen the area grow from strength to strength. Although, with increased population and infrastructure comes the unfortunate reality that the percentage of people who have a criminal mindset also increases. I have four children who have all gone to school in the area and want this to be a safe area for all families. This is an affordable area for young families to raise their children but will most certainly get a bad reputation if increased crime is allowed to continue.