Let's get George Michael into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. His legacy.

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George Michael is one of the greatest song writers of all time. No one has been more honest with his lyrics and music. His desire was to be recognized as a song writer. His soulful voice made his lyrics and music move people as he only could. Whether it be reflection with Careless whisper, Jesus to a child  and  Praying For Time.... Or bringing awareness  with Fast Love, Outside and Spinning the wheel.....  He made us dance like no other with Faith, Star People, Flawless.... His album Faith sold more than 30 million copies. In total George Michael has sold over 125 million records. He was one man with millions who loved him and his music. His contributions to music has spanned over three decades. It would be an honor and privilege for George Michael to be inducted into the Song Writers Hall Of Fame to recognize his profound impact on Pop music. George Michael was a writer above all.