Bighit Give Us Feedback

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On 20th September 2018, Tiffany named her fandom name apart from sone “youngone” which means forever in Korean. And also posted it on her ig on 21st September 2018.



However...on “24th April 2019”, Bighit announced a fandom name called “young one” for its Korean idol group named txt.


On 26th April 2019, Tiffany tweeted that she has notice the problem.


The day i’m writing this campaign is “4th may 2019” which has been “10 days” since the issue occurred but there’s still no single response from Bighit. Even though we have been asking Bighit for these past ten days to give us a feedback in #BighitWeJustWantFeedback and #BIGHITSTOLEMYFANDOMNAME

On the other hand, Bighit has been constantly promoting txt on its official twitter (@TXT_bighit) every day. (41 tweets in 10 days since the issue occurred) = It’s obviously clear that Bighit IGNORES ITS MISTAKE. We’ve seen ZERO ATTEMPT of Bighit in fixing the issue.


We demand Bighit to 
1. Give us a response that you’ve noticed the problem and it’s in process.
2. Apologize for damages you’ve caused due to your unprofessionalism to Tiffany, Youngones and TXT fans.