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Your Excellency, are you aware that a French National, victim of a dangerous car driver, cannot leave Nanjing, his passport confiscated?

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On May 2014, while he drives a motorbike in Nanjing, Alain DEFLESSELLES, a French teacher and photographer, is almost run over by an Australian car driver of Chinese origin. When he honks to show his surprise, Alain hears racist words and is violently attacked and knocked over on the road by the heavy car. The car driver intentionally crushes his bike in order to destroy it.

Once on the road, the French, hurt and afraid he could be attacked again by his aggressor, tries to make him get out of the vehicle in order to protect himself. Since the door is closed, he uses the roof – which breaks under his weight – thus forcing the Australian to exit his car.

Alain, who commits no violence against his aggressor, is beaten up by three passers by. He is immediately arrested by the Police, who refuse to use the street cameras to establish the reality of his victim status. A few days later, he is deprived of his passport because he refuses to compensate his racist and brutal aggressor. The authorities, who took into account the complaint of the car driver, refuse to do the same for Alain’s own complaint. The aggressor does not need to pay for the costs of the broken motorbike.

By signing this petition, you ask

-          That an intentionally injured victim using his right for self-defence against a reckless driver and potential killer, shall not be considered as a criminal, in China or anywhere else in the world, whatever his/her nationality ;

-          That any Foreign National living in China or Chinese National shall not be discriminated by the Chinese Justice System ;

-          That Alain DEFLESSELLES stops being prosecuted and be given his passport back.

*** The author of this petition is a friend of the People of China and Chinese Culture.*** 

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