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Change food labelling language into human language

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Sometimes it's literally the smallest details that can make the biggest change. Let's make food labelling better
It all started with a regular Thursday morning trip to the bathroom. I noticed a table on my toothpaste (Shouts to which gave me a much better understanding of what I was about to put into my mouth, what I was about to digest and what I didn't want in my body. 


What was in the table? - 'Ingredients | Where is comes from | What it does'
It doesn't take a designer to know when a great piece of design could change the world and when this table was shared on social media the response was astounding. So much so that myself and a handful of people now believe this table should be a standard for all food labeling. 


Can a tweet change European policy? 
Let's find out. In a time when our freedoms are being regularly threatened let's regain some control over public information and what we know about our food. Let's make that handful of believers into a million. Let's take a step forward that everyone can benefit from. We know good design should win.  

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