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Making the worlds end junction safer

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Anybody that lives in Wellington or Taunton will know how notorious the worlds end/west Buckland/Bradford junction is-we are taking our lives into our hands getting out of it and onto the A38.

Just this morning the person behind me took that chance and as I heard the screech of her tyres her brakes and the smash of the glass it brought back terrible memories of the two accidents I have had there myself in ten years.

I personally battle daily with driving because of my accidents at the junction, I have four children to get out of the door in the morning and in my rush have to make the choice whether to take a chance at the junction or be late for work. Most of the villagers here in West Buckland choose to go the long way round, adding on three miles and around 7 minutes to our days to avoid this junction.

I wrote to the council many years ago, after my first accident and they stated that their hadn't been enough fatalities-just because people do not physically die at the scene doesn't mean that their lives aren't ruined in an accident. My mental scars are much worse than any physical but yes I am still alive. My children were in my car and also suffer car journeys now.

I don't know what the answer is here- a little roundabout or lights? But it just needs to be made much safer.

The trees to the right of the junction could be cut further to give more visibility along the A38 and incoming traffic, the drain in the middle of the road could be moved so nobody else has to skid on it-this is a huge problem. If enough people sign it then at least it can be looked at finally. 

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