Help get justice for the victims of the worst pedophile in Somerset Weston.

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Some may know of a man named Nigel Leat, who was a ‘trusted’ and ‘respected’ teacher at HillSide first school of Weston super mare. When in 2011 he was arrested for the sexual abuse of many girls at that school ages 6-13yrs old. 

In the classroom this vile man abused the young girls and recorded it as he was trusted to teach them in his classroom,  he groomed them, threatened them, and abused so many more young girls.

Leat manipulated everybody he knew into thinking that he was a good teacher and he cared for all of his pupils. He was a primary school teacher and he has ruined and hurt so many young girls, their childhoods and their trust has been broken, later revealed that this man filmed his acts and managed to get away with his monstrous actions for 13 years while he worked at this school! He had a duty to care and teach children, yet he failed so many, and so did the school system. Too many girls were failed by the school system.  It’s a sickening thing to discuss and so traumatic.

The news I have received is this man will be being realised from prison as he is coming to the end of his 8 year sentence. Which means now all of these young girls have now been neglected by the justice system and are scared to see their abuser back on the streets. How someone so disgusting who was assigned to care and teach children only received an 8 year sentence is beyond me. Too many families hurt. This man is not safe. He is manipulative and is now managing to manipulate the system, he will never change.

We need your help to make this aware! And we need your help sign this petition to show no one wants him back out. No justice is being served if this man is freed. His victims have to serve a life sentence of the Tourmentment, anger and hurt of his actions. Please help spread the word! We need as many signatures as possible to show this man is not wanted back in our community. To show that the victims want to stand and help the system understand that he shouldn’t be let out. It was the news that broke weston. And to think he’s living down the road from our home. He is a vile disgrace of a human. He deserves to serve life for the lifetime of distress for the 40+ girls trust and childhood he broke. If anyone has been affected my this or wants to speak up about anything please contact me. if anyone as any information or questions and/or you was personally involved contact me privately and I can pass on a number of a lady that can help and give you all the information you need. There will be away to get your voice heard and could help parole board reconsider his release. 
we will stand together