Dana Delany as... JANET WEISS

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DANIMALS! Do you also love musicals, including RHPS? Hear me out: Dana as Janet Weiss. "How did you come up with that insane idea?" you may ask. Well, I was doing laundry after having just listened to Susan Sarandon's solo in "Rose Tint My World" when it dawned on me. "You know who is extremely sexy, has some nice pipes, great acting range, and would pull off a great Janet? Dana. Freaking. Delany."

Listen, age doesn't matter. Dana may not be the typical ingénu chosen for such a role, but wouldn't it be fabulous to have a cast that didn't necessarily stick to the typecast ages? Just amazing actors that would play the character with as much gusto as any other "young" talent.

I don't know how this petition can help cast Dana as this character (or if she would even want to do it). The point of this was just to get the idea in people's heads and have my voice heard... Seriously, PICTURE IT -- 

A terrible thunderstorm is crashing down. Holding a newspaper over her head, she appears and sings "Over at the Frankenstein Place" as the soaked couple searches for help after car trouble leaves them stranded. 

Flash forward to Frank N. Furter chasing Janet around the castle sing-yelling about her "apple pie" and zapping them all into stone.

(These are just a few scenes to give you a moment to soak it all in and picture this possibility in your head.)

Not only does Dana have great comedic timing, she also has the ability to play the duality required with Janet's role. It's not the easiest thing to sincerely play the part of an innocent gal from Denton, USA and then somewhat quickly transform into this sexual icon thirsting for any and all attention and still keep the honesty and core of the character. Also, uhhh Dana is smokin'. Like. Really yummy. Now, I'm not saying that one should rely on looks, but the fact that Dana Delany is one of the hottest humans on this earth is definitely a plus to her already astounding talents. 

I'm not sure if there is anything further I can write without embarrassing myself further so I leave you all with the above. Please, kind people. Sign and share.

Thank you for your time,


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