Petition Closed

Release Journalist Abdiaziz Abdnur Ibrahim, jailed for reporting a rape

Letter to
Minister of Justice, Somalia H.E. Abdullahi Abyan Nur
Dear Minister:

On 29 January, freelance journalist Abdiaziz Abdnur Ibrahim was charged under Article 269 of the Somali penal code with insult to a national institution, publishing a media report and paying a bribe to create a false story. He has been arbitrarily detained since 10 January following his investigation into the alleged rape of an internally displaced woman by Somali security forces. The alleged victim of rape has also been charged with insult to a national institution, and for falsifying an accusation against the Somali government. Three other individuals have also been charged in connection with the case: the husband of the alleged victim, a woman believed to be a contact of the alleged victim, and a man believed to have been a contact of the journalist.

Please consider dropping all charges against Abdiaziz Abdnur Ibrahim as well as the others detained in connection with the case, and for their immediate and unconditional release. Also, until their release, please allow Abdiaziz Abdnur Ibrahim and others detained in connection with the case full access to lawyers, doctors and family members.