Justice for all Somali Bantus in Somalia.

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Somali Bantu people are a minority group from Somalia ,who've experienced discrimination approximately 30+ years and currently ongoing. Somali Bantu farmers fled from their villages in Somalia Jubba Valley, a site of profound violence and genocidal campaigns, to refugee camps in Kenya. With a combination of poor education systems , cruelty , violence , discrimination, and the killing of children and woman. Many were deliberately forced out of their farmlands. Their freedom and human rights were highly limited to a severe extent. It's currently taking place at this exact moment, a Somali bantu father and husband has been killed, and protesters have taken a stand in the streets of Kismayo, Somalia . Many homes torn down as families have financial stability , and many are currently being jailed. Our families back home have no voice ,and suffer incompetent tribulations with no form of defense available to them. We want our freedom and our home back ,violence ,innocent people lives being taken away because of our color and feature. Our women being raped by Somali kushites men ,children being forcefully tortured to be married at young age our men being used as slave to work because we are not seen and considered as humans but more as animals and slaves. We are being forced to leave our country and people are tortured, their lands and crops are taken away forcefully .We are the voice of future Somali Bantu and this violence and discrimination needs to come to an end.

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