#SolveFoodWaste. Australian Supermarkets to donate unsold food to charity.

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Australians going hungry in pandemic

Thank you for signing my petition. I’m so glad to see that over 23,000 people care about the massive problem of food waste in our country. We are faced with a difficult economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic with many people having lost jobs and incomes. But we can ensure no Australian goes hungry if supermarkets donate unsold edible food to food relief organisations more frequently.

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Foodbank’s Hunger Report 2020 has revealed that three in ten Australians who experienced food insecurity had not gone hungry before the pandemic. “Currently, 43% of all food insecure Australians are going a whole day without eating at least once a week, compared to 30% in 2019.”

There is significant uncertainty among food insecure Australians about their ability to cope once the income protection measures are scaled back. Supermarkets are well placed to help food relief organisations keep up with the demand.

Supermarket giants have made huge profits this year as millions of people increased in-home consumption during the lockdowns. They had profit spikes when people panic bought essentials. Yet, there are people going hungry and losing their homes while supermarkets throw large quantities of edible food.

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We need stronger political will to tackle this issue. Governments must step in and help redirect edible food going to landfills to those in need.

chantel .
4 months ago